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  • RocBodyFitness 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan
    Are you tired of still carrying around those extra lbs from the holidays? Are you looking to jump start your weight loss plan, while seeing results quickly? Have you been on every fad diet there is and are still not able to lose weight and keep it off? Then the RocBodyFitness 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is for you!
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    Lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days with our Rapid Fat Loss Plan! - What you can expect: - Successfully lose up to 15 lb of unwanted body fat - Get the tools and support you need to keep it off! What you’ll get: - Kick off your 21 day journey with an online consultation with Daniel Rocha, Master Trainer and Nutritionist - A customized meal plan that will change each week you are on the program, ensuring your body continues to burn fat at a rapid pace - Cardio routines designed to blast fat and optimize your results - Three weeks of in-gym training, three days per week at Liberty Gym with Daniel (Gym fees are separate, and are the customer's responsibility) - 24 hour online access to Daniel for any questions you might have and for the guidance you need to be as successful as possible - Finish off your 21 day journey with a wrap up consultation with Daniel to go over all your great progress! Sign up today, and get started on your path to a successful weight loss journey.