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Daniel is a world authority on Nutritional counseling and Fitness training.  He is a life coach, and uses Fitness as a means of finding inner strength and resolve.  In addition to working with Athletes, he teaches individuals how to single-handedly transform their bodies, health and lives.

People from all over the world schedule private telephone and Skype consultations with Daniel and seek his counsel contacting him via Facebook, Twitter, through his websites – www.drocbody.com, www.rocbodyangels.com, www.drocbodyprograms.com and his online magazine – www.droclowdown.com.  He is also available to his local clients for one-on-one and group in-gym training sessions.  He is the author of Secrets to Fitness Success:  A DRoc Guide - the most comprehensive guide to effectively prepping for Fitness, Figure, Bodybuilding, Physique and Bikini competitions.  He has had the opportunity to help literally thousands of people throughout his 20-year career to find the results they’re looking for and achieve their dreams when it comes to Fitness, Nutrition and building their inner confidence.


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Daniel Rocha was featured on Lebanon Idol, www.HealtHaven.com and in No Nonsense BodyBuilding ... Beverly Intl Magazine as top Fitness Coach earlier this year.  He is also a regular writer for two magazines  - www.LiveYourLifeMag.com, owned by IFBB Pro and 2011 202 Mr. Olympia Kevin English and in KNUXX – a NM State MMA magazine, where in his column “Tools for Your Roc Body”, he discusses Fitness and Nutrition and how to effectively adopt it as a lifestyle.  His breakthrough customized online nutrition programs have been wildly successful for both men and women across the USA and throughout the world, with clients currently in Canada, the UK and Australia.

Daniel Rocha graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Business Management, and is the CEO of RocBodyFitness, LLC, RocBodyAngels, and DRoc Lowdown – The Magazine.  He is a Top Nationally ranked Bodybuilder, and soon-to-be IFBB Pro, where in the August 2010 Issue of FLEX Magazine, Daniel was named as one of the country's best Body Builders.  He is a contracted athlete with MRI Nutrition and with Bulletproof Gym Wear.


RocBodyAngels is a Fitness and Nutrition program designed with women’s growth and success in mind.  By using Fitness and Nutrition as a tool, women are guided in changing their bodies, health and lives through obtaining emotional well-being and inner strength.  The program consists of an online Nutrition plan, which changes weekly based on progress from the week before.  Cardio and Fitness Training protocols are also implemented to optimize results.  At RocBodyAngels, we have one motto:  Follow and Achieve!  It truly is that simple.  If you are able to follow, you will have your dream in your hand.  What will you do with your dream?

Our Life Coaching Service provides counseling on subjects including, but not limited to relationship issues, sex therapy, parenting, career goals, image and mental and emotional growth and well-being.  For more information on our Life Coaching Service, please click on the "SHOP" tab above, and go to "Other Products".

Notice: All information communicated is strictly confidential to the original recipient only.  Any information contained in any correspondence that is reproduced, published or otherwise utilized in any way may result in legal action.  I will be presenting my opinions and I do not, in any way, shape or form use, encourage, nor condone the use of any illegal or controlled substances. All meal plans, exercise programs, supplement use, are implemented at one's own risk.  They are meant for discussion only!  Once payment is made, no refunds will be processed.   If services are canceled for any reason, no proration of services for training sessions or nutritional counseling once payments will be made.  All in-gym training packages allow for a certain number of sessions per week.  If a session is missed for any reason, sessions cannot be made up.  If additional sessions are desired, they can be purchased for the single session rate of $55.00 per session.  RocBodyFitness, LLC and its associates also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.